F & T   Questionnaire: 

Our first featured artist is the powerful, wise and ever-inspiring Jasmine Murrell. Her work spans many media including site-specific dirt sculptures, black hole portals of vhs tape, parasitic installations of vinyl records, and video exploring such deep truths as love, the wisdom of the aged, and the vast cosmic histories we carry within our bodies. She answered the F&T Questionnaire with the same graceful vulnerability she puts into her work. Get a glimpse into her process below.  

Jasmine Murrell



Describe a place in the world where you have felt most alive: 


Bahia, Salvador Brazil.

Share an image that you return to often:


My ancestors hugging me and looking over me while I work.


What is the last thing you read that mattered to you? What will you read next?


Reading Brave New World and re-reading 1984  --

would like to read Guns, Germs and Steel or Mrs. Dalloway.


Describe an object that intrigues you: 


Not sure if you mean manufactured or anything. If manufactured, then I guess records. If the question is open to anything then I guess it would have to be dirt.

What must change?


The way we communicate and how we show love. 


How can we heal? 


There is no answer. It depends on the seeker. I guess to know we must heal is the beginning of healing, but I don't think it’s one thing or many things, instead it’s an individual journey. We are made up of collections of our ancestors within us and we must recognize that we are not just healing our own traumas or experiences but thousands of lifetimes within us. I can only speak for myself but I am learning to breathe. Learning to breathe without memory of the past hurt and pain but instead the present and this alone has been the most important part of my healing.

If you could instantly have any skill or ability what would it be?


A shape-shifter. 


What makes you laugh until you cry? 


Black people sometimes. I love and hate my people sometimes. Just like myself. I love the way black people put their twist on things. In the most simple thing. The way a brotha walk.  Might not have a dime in his pocket but he is walking like he is the shit. The last thing that was so damn funny and cracks me up every time was this hand painted sign for a car repair shop. It had a Mr. Goodyear with a big booty and chest muscles.


As a member of the global community, what is your greatest concern?


To be honest I think the global community is still very barbaric. My greatest concern is for the global community to have more compassion for living things, especially animals. This doesn't mean having pets and dressing them up in clothes and other nonsense. But instead giving animals their own space in the wild with their own species.


Describe a non-human being you’ve interacted with. 


I have encountered spirits all the time. They come in many different forms. They are my angels in my saddest times -- usually around 3am. It happened more when I was a child. 


What is your mantra?


I am more powerful than I know.


What can art do? 


Heal, reveal and most importantly wake people up! To think outside themselves. To be in their bodies. I forgot to say disrupt. How can I forget that? It’s so important.